Licensed Clinical Social Worker 
LCSW# 76072 Fellow in Thanatology

Justina "Jamie" Hale, LCSW, FT  has spent the last 30+ years empowering  and inspiring patients, families and fellow Therapists. She co-founded the Stillpoint Institute with long-time partner, Dr Clarence Trausch.

Jamie focuses on counseling and psycho-educational interventions designed to normalize and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety and improve coping skills, increase capacity for self-care with stress and pain management techniques, increase a sense of personal responsibility and motivation for improving rehabilitation potential and medical regime compliance, assist effective long-range care planning and decision-making, assist healing/transforming grief issues,  and promote end-of-life resolution when indicated; and facilitate a sense of purpose, value and meaning in one’s present life circumstances.
Her latest focus at the Stillpoint Institute has been supervising and training graduate students and fellow therapists.  " I am strong believer that as a Therapist, you must take the same medicine that you give out , " says Jamie. She stands by the necessity of improving one's craft and working through unfinished business through mentorship and self study.

"There are few people alive, who are as qualified and dedicated to the truth than my esteemed Supervisor and mentor, Jamie Hale," says student Alexandra Liss, CCHT.  


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